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About Us ..

We are mother and daughter, who love very much the sea that gives energy and inspiration, a sense of freedom, calmness and love. 
The idea of nautical style jewelry came to our mind 7 years ago after an amazing vacation in Zanzibar. In the islands and exotic places we traveled to around the world, we saw stunning beaches and special seashells that inspired us to create. Ever since we can remember we have loved art and creation and that's how it all fit together for us. 

I am second, I founded the By the sea brand for you,
which combines my love for design and the sea. You can find special jewelry with us, full of style and fashion. 

I'm Adit, the jewelry designer of By the sea. I am a goldsmith and have a doctorate in art history from Tel Aviv University. Lovingly prepares handmade jewelry for you in small and special series. You can also design a personal piece of jewelry! 

Together we design the jewelry and think of original and unique ideas especially for you.

Hope you enjoy our creation,
Shani and Adit. 
By The Sea Jewelry

Important Information
All the jewelry of By The Sea Jewelry is made by hand and goldsmiths paying attention to every detail, and of high quality, the jewelry combines real silver, gold, gems and real pearls.

In the By The Sea Jewelry collection you can find a variety of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and unique earrings, which have in common the inspiration from the world of the sea that is expressed in every piece of jewelry. For example, there are jewels that combine seashells, shells, seahorses, fins, starfish, dolphins and more.

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